About Us

Dragaud Custom Sojourns was established to offer travelers an alternative to the usual impersonal form of mass travel. It is simply not enough to see the world through bus windows. To truly appreciate a destination you must smell, taste, feel, and hear as well. The regimented, unimaginative itineraries of many package tour companies leave you with little choice or free time. Our goal is a different, more rewarding kind of trip.  We offer you an inside view of these fascinating corners of the world by combining our knowledge, experience, and contacts to present you and your students with unique, custom designed tours. One of the best parts of traveling is discovering and we strive to ensure that this indispensable facet of any memorable trip is not suppressed. This is learning in its broadest sense, through doing.

We have been designing and leading these small group tours worldwide since 1995, working with middle schools, high schools, and universities to provide students a chance to truly embrace new ideas and experiences, and the personal nature of the business gives us great satisfaction.  We believe that you, too, will appreciate this different way of traveling. We can assure you of our personal care and attention throughout. We hope you will join us in this ongoing quest, for a journey is always better when shared.

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