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Dear Traveler,

Despite its rather formal name, Dragaud Custom Sojourns is in actuality nothing more than one man’s dream: a dream born of a passion for travel, fueled by a fascination with foreign languages, and nourished by an intense desire to learn. It was never my intention to create and run a travel consultancy. It simply happened that way and, as is often the case, the vagaries of fate led me directly to where I was meant to be.

I’ve been traveling the byways and back roads of the world for over fifteen years now, visiting five continents and over sixty countries in an ongoing search for those special places that reveal the true heart of a destination. I follow my heart, believe in my instincts, and trust that those places that speak to me will surely speak to others of like mind, those who travel not to escape the world but to embrace it.

I have found that I truly love bringing disparate peoples and cultures together to share in the most beautiful things this world has to offer. To that end I design exclusive custom journeys tailor-made to reflect the wishes of my clients. Special requests are not bad for my business. They are my business. Since 1995 I have melded my experience and knowledge with the specific desires of my clients to form truly memorable journeys. My goal is to create for you a collection of indelible memories that makes you thirst for more.

The great travel writer Pico Iyer once wrote that the person “…susceptible to wanderlust is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation.” I think I know exactly what he meant. To be transformed through travel is a supremely liberating experience as freedom is, ultimately, the very essence of travel. Freedom to learn. Freedom to grow. Freedom to go farther than you ever thought yourself capable. I’ve yet to tire of this journey. I hope I never do. Yet most of all I hope to meet others who share this desire. People with whom I might share the many flavors of this world. People, hopefully, like you.

Michael Dragoo


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