“Our New York tour this year was absolutely fabulous. I’ve traveled to NYC and London over a dozen times in the last 20 years with a couple other companies. This was BY FAR the most personalized tour we’ve gotten mostly due to the attention of office manager Diana Strom and our incredible tour guide, Bruce Roberts. Being a theatre class, we were given some incredible opportunities for backstage tours and getting a wonderful “history of Broadway” tour from Bruce. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories!”

Kelley M.
Theater Director, Oregon

“Before traveling with Michael we had tried several different tour companies but we will NEVER again travel with any company other than Dragaud Sojourns. The food is better, the hotels are better, and the service is in a completely different league. There’s no comparison. Dragaud Sojourns is the only way to go.”

Dee G.
Theater Director, Texas

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